We support the Latino immigrant community through various services designed to meet specific needs of individuals and families. Our initiatives are concentrated in three primary areas:

Immigration Legal Services and advocacy, which address the systemic issues that immigrants face due to immigration status. In addition to being a DOJ Recognized Organization and providing basic Immigration Legal Services, we monitor current events and situations in migration and encourage advocacy rooted in Biblical values of welcoming migrants and refugees.
Human Needs initiatives, which address food insecurity, offer emergency assistance, and provide emotional support. This includes Cinco Panes as well as case management services and working directly with families to offer pastoral care and psychosocial support.
Community Initiatives, which involve partnering with other organizations that work with Latino immigrants or facilitating participation of immigrants in other areas of community life. This includes Bridges of Hope, which seeks to support both parents and students in educational settings, and Project Adelante, a program that offers training and educational opportunities designed to help individuals set goals and "move forward" in their lives, including employment.