Bridges of Hope

Bridges of Hope

Bridges of Hope programming is limited due to COVID-19 restrictions

Bridges of Hope is a broad category of programs and services in the area of education that seek to provide support to immigrant students and their families.

Bridges of Hope focuses on children and youth, providing summer enrichment activities, opportunities for community service, and a focus on academic excellence and literacy. Its goal is to build stronger families through education and opportunity.

The most recent initiative through Bridges of Hope was a 2019-20 partnership with Spotsylvania County Schools and their after-school homework clubs for ESOL students in five local elementary schools. The schools provided tutors for the students, a local church provided snacks, and LUCHA provided funds* to purchase supplies and homework kits. Due to online learning in the spring semester, the project has been extended into 2020-21 to support the needs of virtual students.

We also connect families to other services and programs in the community, offer educational support to parents and caregivers, and engage with community partners to ensure that migrant and refugee students have the opportunity to thrive in their schools and community.

*$5,000 in grant funding provided for 2019-21 through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Virginia.

Our Services

  • Provides school supplies to students in need, with a specific focus on middle school and high school students, to encourage them to remain in school
  • Prioritizes migrant families with limited access to other assistance
  • Encourages parental involvement in children's education, and supports the physical needs of families by identifying families in need of crisis assistance due to illness, reduction in income, change in family structure or living situation)
  • Supports students who are interested in higher education through mentoring, tutoring, scholarships for advanced learning, and orientation regarding college preparation

Our Leadership

Bridges of Hope is currently without a director.

Become involved in your local schools. Learn more about the advantages or disadvantages for ELLs (English Language Learners) and their parents. What can you do t improve educational outcomes for immigrant students?